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  87.5 million adolescent girls in India currently attend school. According to AC, Neilsen, as many as 30%

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71% of adolescent girls in India are completely unprepared for their first period – they normally do not

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Our commitment is to singularly focus and work towards making menstruation a non-issue in India. We want to

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100 Women 2014: The taboo of menstruating in India

BBC News - 4 days ago
In India, there is generally a silence around the issue of women's health - especially around menstruation. A deep-rooted taboo feeds into the risible myth-making around menstruation: women are...

Not just a girls' problem: the economic impact of menstrual shame

The Guardian - 2 days ago
“During our periods, we used to have to clean our sleeping areas with leaves and weren't allowed to enter the house,” says 12-year-old Sushila who lives in Gorkha district, central Nepal....

Menstruation myth

Republica - 2 days ago
I was 15 when I had my first menstruation. Since then, depression around religious occasions due to menstruation observation has haunted me. Even in the recent celebratory season, a large number of...

Taboo around menstruation needs to be broken: Mary Kom

Mizo News - 2 weeks ago
“Menstruation is the first step towards a healthy motherhood but in India it is culturally considered dirty or impure,” Mary Kom wrote in an article on the occasion of International Day for Rural...

US consumer giant seeks to smash India menstruation taboos

Yahoo News - 4 weeks ago
But unlike most adverts of its ilk, this 30-second clip seeks to dispel the myths surrounding women's periods in a country where deep-rooted social taboos around menstruation still persist. It...

Government urged on menstruation

New Vision - 4 weeks ago
“Government is asked to speed up the policy on menstruation to see the incorporation of access to menstruation materials in Universal Primary Education (UPE) structure,” the Country Director for...

Is this menstrual cup really going to be enough to make you ditch the tampons?

Metro - 2 weeks ago
First you used sanitary towels, then you learnt that tampons didn't hurt, and now your choice of menstruation product is about to get seriously shaken up by a cup. Yup, a cup. As in one of those...

Mary Kom says the taboo around menstruation must be broken

TheHealthSite - 2 weeks ago
There are a number of myths surrounding a women's menstruation, and India is a country where there are probably the most. But, it is about time that these myths be done away with. According to...

How to Talk About Sex and Menstruation with My Kid - 2 weeks ago
When one reads the Qur'an, it is clear that Allah in His infinite wisdom did not mean for us to be afraid to talk to our children about matters concerning development, because He has provided for...

Citing Menstruation Concerns, WBC Limits Length Of Women's Fights

ESPN (blog) - 2 weeks ago
Menstrual cycle has tremendous impact on the body of a woman, including 12 hormones which act in the body system, creating radical changes in several areas. -- Women's endurance has been proven...

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