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  87.5 million adolescent girls in India currently attend school. According to AC, Neilsen, as many as 30%

Toll-Free Menstruation Helpline

71% of adolescent girls in India are completely unprepared for their first period – they normally do not

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Our commitment is to singularly focus and work towards making menstruation a non-issue in India. We want to

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#Menstruation Related News

Menstruation-themed photo series artist 'censored by Instagram' says images ...

The Independent - 2 days ago
Rupi Kaur uploaded an image onto the social networking site for a menstruation-themed photo series developed by her and her sister Prabh. The image, which was taken by Prabh, shows Ms Kaur lying down...

Instagram reinforces menstruation stigma

Daily Trojan Online - 22 hours ago
Time of the month. On the rag. Aunt Flo. Given the amount of nicknames Western society has attributed to menstruation, it's a marvel we don't talk about it more. Despite the abundance of...

Tackling the Taboo of Menstruation

Huffington Post - 2 weeks ago
One of the least discussed, yet most pervasive stigmas in gender equality is female menstruation. In every country, the veil of silence around menstruation contributes to sexism that can hold women...

Couple designs comic book busting menstruation taboos

Daily News & Analysis - 2 weeks ago
A young couple has embarked on a creative journey to educate the masses about menstruation and are busting the taboos associated with it. Both in their thirties, Ahmedabad-based couple Aditi Gupta...

Periods aren't dirty: Ending hesitation around menstruation

Rappler - 6 days ago
MANILA, Philippines – “Let's end the hesitation around menstruation” are the words that will be heard across the world on the second annual Menstrual Hygiene Day on May 28. Menstrual...

Students to dispel menstruation myths

The Hindu - 4 weeks ago
Many menstruating women in remote villages of Udaipur district in Rajasthan were made to brave the chilly winters. They were even made to believe that menstruation made them impure and were asked to...

Menstruation isn't gross or embarrassing — period

The Independent Florida Alligator - 6 days ago
It's unsettling to wake up to a red Rorschach test on your sheets. Why am I covered in blood? Who did I stab last night? Why do I want to cry and eat macaroni and cheese? Congrats, you're not...

Visionary Cate Blanchett Suggests Women Who've Stopped Menstruating Still ...

The Mary Sue - 1 week ago
Hollywood seems to have a difficult enough time understanding that young women are a real demographic that will pay money in exchange for movie tickets, so Cate Blanchett's knowledge bomb is...

Sustainable Menstruation

Huffington Post India - 4 weeks ago
More recently, I made a switch from using tampons to reusable cloth menstrual pads. I'll be honest: tampons are absolutely more convenient and in many situations more comfortable. However, what...

Women Talk: Why we menstruate

GMA News - 4 weeks ago
Chona, a homemaker, came to see me because her 13-year-old daughter Amy had been asking questions about menstruation. Almost all the girl's classmates had been having their periods, but Amy had...

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