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  87.5 million adolescent girls in India currently attend school. According to AC, Neilsen, as many as 30%

Toll-Free Menstruation Helpline

71% of adolescent girls in India are completely unprepared for their first period – they normally do not

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Our commitment is to singularly focus and work towards making menstruation a non-issue in India. We want to

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Students to dispel menstruation myths

The Hindu - 2 hours ago
To tackle this, Nitish Bhagath, a journalism graduate; Kalyani Joshi, an engineer; and Nrupraj Mahananda, a humanities post-graduate started 'The Period Project' and made it their mission to...

My country's problem with menstruation

CNN - 3 weeks ago
First Person is a series of personal essays exploring identity and personal points of view that shape who we are. The latest contributor, Anisha Bhavnani, is an 18-year-old student in Mumbai, India....

How menstruation stigma puts women in U.S. at risk

Al Jazeera America - 4 weeks ago
Holding the pearl fastened by a pink thread, she traces the egg's monthly journey through the uterus to explain the process of menstruation at the occasional workshops she holds in Berkeley,...

Girls, blood, sex: A hard look at menstruation

Rappler - 7 days ago
These are “family rituals,” said the 63-year-old mother, for making one's skin and menstruation cycle “smooth” – no pimples, no stink, no troubles. Sex being one of those troubles,...

As UK tennis player breaks silence on menstruation, Indian sportswomen speak ... - 3 weeks ago
Some spoke of taking contraceptive pills to delay menstrual cycles for important match days. Some discussed the pain and cramps that slowed them down. Even former tennis champion Martina Navratilova...

Aliens! Explosions! Menstruation! It's The Full ALIEN TAMPON Trailer!

TwitchFilm (press release) (registration) (blog) - 2 weeks ago
Yep, some things just sort of speak for themselves and I'm sure that the creators of Alien Tampon are very much hoping that this is one of those things. Very much a deliberate cult project out of...

Why, in Kenya, menstruation doesn't have to mean an end to education for ...

Irish Times - 2 weeks ago
Menstruation without these items means many girls have no choice but to stay at home from school for 4-5 days per month. The impact of such frequent absenteeism results in lower educational...

'Did you lose because you had your period?'

CNN International - 3 weeks ago
"Girl things". While Houppert supported Watson's candor, she said describing menstruation as "girl things" perpetuated a culture of concealment. "I wish she could have...

Is it healthy to have sex during menstruation?

Nigerian Tribune - 2 weeks ago
The myth that it is dangerous originates largely from the religious point of view. Many people wrongly believed that women were “dirty” or “unclean” while menstruating, and for this reason,...

The 'last taboo' in sports: The menstrual cycle

The Globe and Mail - 2 weeks ago
Even this euphemistic mention of the links between menstrual cycle and athletic performance raised eyebrows, and sparked a wave of discussion about what one commentator called “the last taboo in...

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