About Tax Stamp And Its Benefits

The history of this is very old and dates back to 16th century. In 1516, the first royal official mail office was established in England. Later on, mail was needed to be paid by the recipient instead of the sender. The system caused a lot of trouble for people due to the prevalence of undelivered mail. James Chalmers was the first who introduced the concept of adhesive stamp in Great Britain in the year 1834. The adhesive postage stamp was issued in 1843 in Brazil and in 1847 in the United States.

Penny Black was the first prepaid postage stamp in the world, issued on May 6, 1840 with the picture of Queen Victoria. The first adhesive postage stamp was invented by Rowland Hill. Thereafter, stamps with pictures of various events, personalities and festivals were issued. Stamps brought in a whole new hobbyist brands known as philatelists. Stamps have seen several dramatic changes and they come in different designs, sizes and formats.

Revenue stamps are considered to be the indirect way to collect taxes. They are also known as a tax stamp. Several agreements and contract documents have to be affixed with this. These revenue stamps are historically older than most common postage stamps. Stamp collection is considered to be a common hobby of children and adults across the world these days. Rare and old stamps are available at high prices. Based on rarity, they may often cost millions of dollars. Stamps are known to be the certified symbols or imitation used for the payment of bill or tariff. This authorized seal or mark represents possession, sanction or imbursement of payment.

The stamps have the long-back history of 16th century and the first certified mail office was stated in 1516. Earlier, the receiver had to pay for the mail instead of sender. This scheme caused a lot of troubles for every receiver because of the risks of undelivered mails.

The Concept of Photo Stamps

These days, people place their own pictures on postage stamps and they can easily personalize their mails. This mounting trend can effortlessly be consummate if a person has a PC. The post office gets the pictures which have been sent to their portal and these pictures are converted so you can buy photo stamps. These stamps are justifiable and people can easily use them when transferring parcels, letters and other mails. For such kind of services, post office charges extra but you can finish all the formalities online.