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Advantages Of EDDM EDDM or Every Door Direct Mail is a program that you must take into mind if you’re considering to use direct mail as a way to promote your business. You better keep on reading if you have not heard of this mailing before. In essence, EDDM is the DIY version of direct mail to which you will be the one who has to print the postcards, choose your carrier routes from post office website, ready the paperwork and bundle the cards before dropping them off at local post office branch. The postage is paid the time of mailing and there is no need to get a permit like what bulk mailer professionals are doing.
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The process isn’t hard and there are several benefits associated with it than conventional direct mail that you might have been using in the past. As far as the cost is concerned, the EDDM postcards are qualified as being the lowest postal rates that one can get as it only costs .16 dollars per piece. That’s basically a huge savings given the fact that the post office is charging nearly .19 dollars for their regular direct mail. While most mail houses have a minimum of 2500 to 5000 at a time, EDDM could be mailed in smaller quantities. You have to mail the entire postal route at a time however, majority of postal routes just have 400 to 600 deliveries. This can be really helpful with your cash flow in the event that you are tight on budget.
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Having your direct mail in the hands of the right people can either make or break your campaign. There’s no physical mailing list being used for every door direct mail. The mail is targeted by the postal route and the postman is going to deliver your ads to everybody that’s listed on his route. You may choose routes that you want your postcards to be delivered to off a map at post office website. There’s no guesswork to who have received the mail with this. The post office typically delivers the postcards the next day so there’s also no guesswork on when people are going to receive your message. As of now, it seems to be that EDDM is the next evolution of direct mail. While it is most of the time, you have to know that there are minor drawbacks here as well. You’ll be the one who will take the mail to the post office, which is one thing you have to consider. This isn’t an issue but in every business, time is equivalent to money and if you are about to mail huge quantity of postcards, there can be labor involved. But after this, there’s nothing you have to worry about so it’s justifiable.